Biomass pellets are a more efficient energy source than raw wood, because it is compressed, has lower moisture content. Pellets can be burnt at extremely high temperatures with good burn qualities and combustion efficiency.

Made from local waste resources means lower logistics costs, less waste biomass with fire risk in the environment, and unique opportunities for adding value to natural resources normally dumped or burned. Pellets are easy to store and distribute, requiring no specialised equipment in the supply chain after manufacture, and the fuel can easily broken into smaller packaging along the way.

Africa has abundant waste biomass resources, but lacks the infra-structure to convert this to useable fuel. We have developed a solution that focuses on a distributed manufacturing capability, and allows for shorter, smaller supply chains serviced on a regional basis.

Our modular containerized manufacturing solutions has been designed in association with a leading South African Pellet Engineering business, called Jone Machines, to create a mobile pellet manufacturing plant, called a FabTainer, that is able to be located as close to the biomass waste as possible. It also can be moved at minimal cost when needed.

Pellets produced in the FabTainer provide an efficient and natural heating energy option with the ease of use of a modern liquid fuel at lower unit cost to the user and a dramatically lower cost to the environment!

The manufacturing plan is smaller than its competitors with a lower up front investment, and produces quality pellets at a competitive cost. It able is to be operated and maintained by locally trained staff.

We create partnerships within local communities to establish independently owned and managed pellet manufacturing plants in urban / peri-urban areas, and equip them to be able to source local raw materials, provide their own off-grid energy supply if needed, and use local skills and labor for daily operations.

We are actively looking for entrepreneurs to partner with us to bring about a revolution in the biomass energy market in Africa and beyond!

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