SEED SAG (Switch Africa Green)

Ekasi Energy is a 2017 SAG Awards Winner.

The overall objective of SWITCH Africa Green is to support 6 countries in Africa to achieve sustainable development.

* engaging in the transition towards inclusive green economic models,
* based on sustainable consumption and production patterns, while generating growth,
* creating decent jobs and reducing poverty.

The specific objective is to support the development of green businesses and eco-entrepreneurship and use of SCP practices by having in place

* MSMEs and business service providers that are better equipped to seize opportunities for green business development,
* better informed public and private consumers, and
* enabling conditions in form of clear policies, sound regulatory frameworks, incentives structures, tax, other fiscal and market-based instruments

Ekasi Energy will be working with SEED to look at distributed cooking fuel supply chains and working on policy and community engagement to ensure that our individual pellet plant rollout and replication will meet triple bottom line objectives that impact:

* Community
* Environment
* Economic Development

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